About Pastor Timothy Sathuluri

Pastor Timothy Sathuluri

About Timothy Sathuluri

Timothy Sathuluri gives leadership under Christ to this teaching ministry focused in Andhra Pradesh, India and the four states surrounding it, Karenataka, Tamilnadu, Orrisa and Chethisgud. The ministry focuses on equipping rural pastors and church workers. The ministry consists of 30-day mobile Bible schools where they teach major Bible doctrines and open-air evangelism. It is not uncommon to see over 1,000 pastors and workers trained each year through the nine mobile trainers.

Pastor Timothy's Family

Pastor Timothy has been blessed with three children and his wife of over 35 years. Timothy's son Jesse Brian is currently working and living in Irving, Texas as a a communications executive. Their middle daughter Dorcas Celeste is working and living in Australia in the television industry.  Their youngest daughter, Grace works in a consulate position in Hyderabad, India. 

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