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In His grace, FAWBA has now trained over 19,000 thousand pastors, pastors-wives & evangelists. Commonly we will train twenty to thirty pastors in each school. Every year we conduct around seventy-two schools, 8 mobile teachers teaching 9 schools per year.  after completion of a school and receiving their certificate, these pastors (many of whom were already pastors prior to their training) return to their respected ministries with a solid foundation in Biblical fundamentals and truth. The following is an outline of the intensive four week curriculum that each pastor must complete before receiving his certificate.

FAWBA Mobile Bible Schools (MBS) Teaching Curriculum.

  • Doctrine of Depravity
  • Doctrine of Eternal security
  • Doctrine of Life after death
  • Doctrine of Trinity
  • Doctrine of Christology
  • Doctrine of Salvation
    (past, present & future)
  • Doctrine of Grace
  • Doctrine of Church
  • Doctrine of imputation
  • Doctrine of substitution
  • Doctrine of regeneration
  • Doctrine of Holy Spirit
  • Doctrine of End times
  • Doctrine of Satan
  • Gift of the Spirit
  • How to walk in Sprit
  • How to know the will of God
  • How to prepare sermon
  • Baptism
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Victories Christian life
  • Fruitful Christian life
  • Discipleship
  • Priority of prayer
  • Quite time
  • How to win souls
  • How to study the Gods words
  • How to preach the word
  • Sin that leads to death (1jn 5:16)
  • Backslider
  • Cities of refuges
  • 70 weeks
  • Worship
  • Life’s of Apostles
  • Exemplary evangelist the Philip
  • Exemplary believer the Barnabas
  • How can Jesus be a son to God
  • Uniqueness of the Bible
  • Prophetic book of Daniel
  • Prophetic book of Revelation.
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