December 2010 Ministry Update

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December 2010 Ministry Update

By Timothy Sathuluri | Tue, 4 Jan 2011

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in our awesome God who in His eternal mercy extended our lives to enter in to new year with new enthusiasm and zeal to serve Him for the extension of His kingdom. When we look back how was our performance God miraculously and graciously helping the ministry to continue every month through His chosen saints.

God in His eternal plan gave us few ministries like teaching the pastors, church planting, children ministry, special children home and widows ministry. God miraculously and graciously helping the ministry to continue every month.

Here is a story that how God was merciful and meeting the needs in His ministry in His time in India.

We started supporting fifty widows according 1 Tim 5:9 "No widow may be put on the list of widows unless she is over sixty, has been faithful to her husband". From the year 2006 with $10 we started supporting widows afterwards when the funds were dropped to 50% by the time ten widows were slept in the Lord. We gave only $5/- per widow per month, all these years we could do all the ministries with the funds of Brother Jerry Bryant and Sister Carmen Bryant. Since the month of September 2010 the funds were dropped to 10% and then we made it $3 per widow, there were 32 widows receiving the support but from september we could not support single widow as we have no funds.

During the month of December 2010 Dr. Calvin through his Church (Apple Wood Baptist church) sent some extra funds, praise God and thanks to Dr calvin for his kind heart, immediately I sent widows support of 4 months and also in two churches I presented each one sari as christmas gifts. I am planning to give sarees to the rest of the widows during my next visit to them. Praise God for His faithfulness, He is really trust worthy, He will never leave us nor forsake us, we have to trust Him to the core,

In new year we have decided to start a new ministry's like (A) every moth visit few villages for three days with FAWBA staff to do street preaching with megaphone, tracts and new testaments (looking to the Lord for a sponsor to buy megaphone, and in January 20 to 22 of 2011), (B) to start a fasting prayer in FAWBA churches monthly once and all the staff should attend.

I have attached the ministry and bible schools news paper cutting pictures. Pl pray for the ministry, God be with you.

While I was distributing the sarees to widows local daily news paper covered the proceedings, paper cutting will be attached in my next mail.

In Him
Timothy Sathuluri


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