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January 2011 Ministry Update

By Timothy Sathuluri | Sun, 6 Feb 2011

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

God in His immense love helped us to continue his ministry in the month of January, His mighty hand was protecting us all through the ministry in troubles & dangers, we were circled by the death pangs through a very venomous snake (see pic), the story is like as you all know that we have started a new ministry from 2011 by visiting extremely rural villages, God in grace opened our eyes to see numerous villages where there are no christians or a churches but in one or two villages RC churches are there, i kept wondering as to why did we not start this ministry earlier?

We use to have eight Bible schools every month training pastors for about six years then since 2008 the funds dropped down to 50% and had fifty staff members alongside of me and we were forced to reduce the schools to four later it became 2 Bible schools from 2010 because now we are receiving just 10% of the funds Bro Jerry & sis Carmen Bryant, Bro Phil Largent & Dr. Calvin Wittman who were along side of the ministry in thick and thin and very closely watched by the ministry these eight years, as to how God was building His ministry in India for His glory.

The reason to start to evangelize these no church villages: when I visited US last Sep & Oct 2010 God spoke to me through Dr. Calvin Wittman that If he comes to India this time it would not be for pastors conference but would like to visit the villages where there is no church, I had my own doubt but when I inquired and visited the same villages I was burdened, then we decided to start STREET PREACHING three days in a month along with my staff, but we had no mega phone and musical instruments, Pastor James Wagstaff sent some money we immediately bought a mega phone and one music instrument(see Pic) thanks to North Metro Church.

We visited at least fifteen new villages in three days, one night we were so exhausted and we inquired if any church was there near by a village they said it is more than 20 km away we inquired about a pastor and came to know that he was my student then we went to that village to sleep in his church, it was a hut so we gave some money to cook dinner for us, finished eating & decided to sleep, the staff took the church keys to go in to spread the sheets and searched for the switch finally when they found it and switched it on they saw one serpent was about to strike one of the staff, he was so near to the serpent that God gave him the presence of mind to run out of the church, and shouted for help then the villagers came and killed it, thank God for His protection, He is an extremely loving God, He is Omnipresent.

For the travel (gas) and the teams food and salary expenses are met by Apple Wood Church, Bro Jerrys & Bro Heinolds money for bible schools, Heinolds are New Castle Bible Church members and the Sr Pastor Bro Troy Willy introduced them.

Last Christmas I gave sarees to few widows from this month am giving them every month support $3/-, this month as i met them personally and the widows asked me to give them the support, two Mobile Bible Schools, street preaching, singing songs, small skits, tracts distribution, if anybody non christian asks for Bible we present NT and any poor Christian asks we presents them full Bible (see pic).

From FAWBA churches if any member takes baptism & they are poor or if they are Hindus or Muslims I will present them a Bible.

Please pray as Dr. Calvin Wittman is sending his Pastors, Pastor Brian Dickson, Pastor Tom Atkinson, Bro Carl Graham to visit villages where there are no churches and give the pastors sound teaching from Minor prophets in a one day retreat.

Bro. Bobs Sunday school from apple wood has sent some branded new shirts for poor pastors to distribute in the retreat, thanks to Bro Bob and his team.

In Him
Timothy Sathuluri

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