Muslim Indian Actress Nagma Converts to Christianity

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Muslim Indian Actress Nagma Converts to Christianity

By Timothy Sathuluri | Thu, 23 Sep 2010

The Chistian Messenger recently interviewed Indian actress Nagma about her testimony of converstion, faith and mission.

Actress Nagma actress, who When did you come to realize the saving power of Jesus Christ?

I was born on Christmas to a Muslim mother and a Hindu father. I went to a convent school from childhood. I was exposed to Christianity from a young age. I went to Mount Mary Convent School in Bandra, Mumbai. There, Mass was a routine feature. I always thought I am very special to God because I was born on Dec 25th perhaps because the world celebrated the day.

While reading the New Testament, I realized the importance of baptism and also of joining a church. Therefore, I immediately joined Pastor Shekhar Kalyanpur's New Life Fellowship in Juhu, Mumbai. I took baptism on Jan 4. Since 2007 was a year of rest I decided to take a break from films and continued my Bible study fervently.

How much time in a day do you set apart for reading the Bible, worshiping God and praying?

I pray at all times. At times for hours together I lock myself in my room and I seek God. I pray anywhere and everywhere. Since the past two years I have considerably cut down on my work just to seek the face of God, wait upon Him and to know His will in my life.

Has there been any opposition to your accepting Christ as your savior from your family?

Not at all. In fact, they have been very supportive. As I said earlier, I am from a secular family and happen to gain knowledge of different faiths. Now that I am a believer, they are supportive of this fact.

What was Jyothika's reaction to your accepting Christ? All of them including my sisters think it's a phase I am going through and I will get out of it soon. They think I am on my own trip (laughs). In due time, they will come to realize that this is the Way, the Truth and Life.

Are you contemplating marriage?

Marriages are made in heaven. If there's a man that God has chosen for me, then marriage shall happen. But the important thing is, he has to be a believer, a man who has God as his priority and who believes in God's command stated in Ephesians 5:25.

Do you have any message for our readers?

Love one another and love the Lord God with all your heart and mind and soul. And blessings to all along with all-surpassing peace that the Lord our Father has granted us. Keep me in your prayers, too Here is ... the experts from her interview with The Christian Messenger, she talks about her faith and mission in an interview.  

Famous Indian film actress Nagma has got saved and testifying Jesus Christ. The actress, who ruled the roost in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films from 1993 to 1997, revealed about the transformation in her life while speaking at a prayer meeting for film artistes organized in Chennai by Jesus Redeems' ministries founder Bro. Mohan C Lazarus.  

At the meeting, she is said to have told the gathering that she is ready to preach the Gospel in every city and town that the Lord takes her to. According to reports, the actress shared her testimony and wowed the audience with her knowledge of the Bible at the meeting. Nagma told the gathering that Jesus Christ was the only super star in her life. Earlier, she made a reference to her acting career where she had paired as the leading lady with several actors in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Bhojpuri films.

The actress, who dabbled in politics briefly, said a copy of the Bible that she got when she was depressed and contemplating suicide saved her from killing herself. All her problems, she said, started fading away one by one after she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal saviour. On 28th of June she attended the Thirappin Vasal Jebam conducted by Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus in Nalumavadi, a small village in Tamilnadu. Thousands of people gathered in that meeting to listen to the word of God. She led the people in worship and delivered the word of God with authority sharing her personal experience with God. People were blessed with her ministry there and testified.

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